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Photo galleries, maps and links from Asia:
South, South East and East


                                                                                             Map of Asia here 
 Bild 22
      On the hippie trail to Ladakh and on to
      Nepal (photo: Mt. Everest), 78 photos

 Bild 84
                   On the roof of the world
                 Ladakh and Zanskar 2015,
                             98 photos

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and Tibet before capitalism
            (photo: Potala), 80 photos

             present China, 66 photos

  Archaeological map of Pagan 1979 here

      Pagan and Burma 1986, 25 photos

     Inle Lake and Bagan, Myanmar 2002
                        24 photos

         Map of Bagan 2013 here

   Three years after the political opening,
               Myanmar 2014
        (photo: Kiss of the cobra)
                  125 photos

The Fascination of the Shwedagon Pagoda
                       19 photos

      Archaeological map of Angkor here 
  Angkor, Cambodia and the Khmer Rouge
     (photo: Phnom Penh), 31 photos

           Vietnam (photo: Ha Long Bay)
                         27 photos

              Mining and the Philippines
                        100 photos


           Encounter with Fuji-san
     (painting: Hokusai), 33 photos

         Webcams for Mt. Fuji:


        Hitsuzendō im Benediktushof
                    16 photos

  present Japan (photo: Za-zen in Kyoto)
                      69 photos

 The bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki                           15 photos

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